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Vous nous avez entendu sur Europe 1 et souhaitez former vos commerciaux ?

Secure your decision-making

Evaluating a sales representative (or the potential of the person who wishes to become one) is a complex exercise because they are a population used to selling themselves during interviews. This is all the more dangerous because a misjudgment can cost your organization dearly (cost of firing, recruitment, missed opportunities, etc.).

Leader in the recruitment of good sales people and sales managers for 10 years, Uptoo has developed a recognized expertise to help you make the right choices. We have a sales questioning method that gets to the end of things. It analyses performance, prospecting rates, addressed contacts, the effective knowledge of sales cycles, relationships with management, flexibility, autonomy and reliability.

Our methodology for evaluating commercial profiles

Identify blind spots in face-to-face contact

Analyze the mastery of sales techniques, market knowledge...

Reveal weak behavioral signals

Interview and challenging simulation.

Analyze results and metrics

Generated turnover, taken appointments, new signed customers, prospecting capacity....

Writing a detailed summary

Make your motivations, support and vigilance tangible.

Tester notre méthodologie

MOVE, make the right choice for your internal mobility

Whether it is a technician you are planning on working in a sales position or a salesperson wishing to become a manager, Uptoo helps you to validate your first impression by detecting the commercial fiber and managerial skills.

Our consultants carry out in-depth interviews to analyze the commercial temperament, soft skills, mastery of the fundamentals of sales and sales management.

uptoo sales test
secure your recruitment

SECURE, secure your current sales recruitment

Do you have a recruitment in progress and you already have a good candidate at the end of the process? Do you want to make sure you make the right choice?

Uptoo helps you secure your recruitment by thoroughly evaluating your candidate. Our strength is to make the sales skill topics tangible and factual.

SNAP, a complete inventory of your sales team

What is the temperament of each of my sales representatives or sales managers? What are their strengths? Where can I make them better?

Uptoo acts as an objective guarantee for you by thoroughly evaluating all your employees. You will thus benefit from an exhaustive view of your teams and will be able to make the right decisions to seek growth points.

report of sales team's assessment


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